Provide exclusive access for your paid members, automatically

Your beautiful member page makes user management and
payments handling effortless for both you and your supporters


of revenue
No monthly fees, no setup fee.
You only pay if you are getting paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Subscriptia work?
You simply set the price and the benefits your user will get from supporting you. The rest is handled by Subscriptia. Paying users will automatically be added to the groups you’ve chosen while their subscription is active, making it effortless for both you and your supporters.
Which benefits can I provide?
Your users will automatically be invited to the group you've chosen. Group members can then be given unique titles, exclusive access to categories and so on—directly though Discourse. You can choose between monthly, yearly and one-time payments.
How does the signup process work for my supporters?
Share your subscription page url, such as, with your supporters. Your supporters can then login in safely with their Discourse credentials using single-sign-on—no new account needed! Once signed in they can subscribe and manage their subscriptions.
Everything subscription related is handled on your Subscriptia page meaning you don't have to install, code or maintain anything yourself.
What are the setup steps?
There is nothing to install or code. You'll need to provide the API key for your Discourse forum to enable Subscriptia to manage groups on your behalf. To accept payments you'll need to create or register your existing Stripe account. That's it!
How does the pricing work?
We charge you 7.5% of your revenue through Subscriptia, leaving you with 92.5%. Small transaction fees also apply from our payment partner Stripe.
What payment gateway do you use?
We use Stripe to handle payments and payouts. You can check if Stripe is available in your country here.
Any other questions?
Please contact us, we are always available at